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  • The courses are friendly and informal so you are invited to dress for comfort.

  • You don’t need any formal qualifications.

  • The training is aimed to make learning a fun rather than a daunting experience.

  • Everyone’s views and experiences are heard.

  • You will work in small groups a lot of the time.


  • You won’t be lectured to or suddenly called on to give answers.

  • There are no tests or exams.  

  • On all courses there is a standard set of working together guidelines. These include guidance on the avoidance of language or behaviour that may be offensive.They are for the purpose of ensuring everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


what are the courses like...

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  • For some courses you are asked to bring copies of local policies and procedures or some basic information about your Branch / Workplace.


  • If this is the case you will be advised in your joining instructions. If you need help to get them please contact your branch.

  • You do not need to bring a laptop or mobile netbook with you,


  • It is unlikely that you would need anything but if you need to use PC these will be available.

do I need to bring anything with me...


"learning is fun"


"the courses are very interactive"


"every day is different"