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Health & Social Care Workforce PPE

Scottish Government has issued revised Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidance for Health and Social Care Workforce, via the COVID-19 guidance pages on the Health Protection Scotland (HPS) website. This guidance has been produced on a UK four nation basis, with input from Royal Colleges and expert scientific groups.  


This advice will mean some changes to the PPE that health and social care workers across Scotland will be advised to wear in different settings and scenarios when caring for patients and residents. The updates reflect the fact that COVID-19 is now widespread in the community, meaning health and social care workers are more likely to see patients with the virus, some of whom will not have symptoms yet.  


We understand that you will have questions around what the guidance changes mean for the availability of PPE.  UNISON has pressed the government on the availability, supply and distribution of PPE to health and social care staff and work continues as an absolute priority to source further PPE to ensure there is an appropriate supply for all our health and social care workforce.


To help focus resources on supporting the social service sector during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic SSSC are making changes to fitness to practise.