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Local Government Finance URGENT

By UNISON, May 4 2020 09:01AM

The Scottish Government have decided to hold onto the money provided through the barnet formula for Scottish Councils.

The TORY Westminster Government passed £1.6 billion to local authorities south of the border directly, whilst the Scottish Government has decided not to pass our £155 million share directly onto Local Councils - instead advising them to use their reserves.

Councils have had to respond to this crisis after 10 years of austerity and our members response has been tremendous during these difficult times. The fact is that many of our local authorities are quickly running out of money, whilst the Scottish Government are holding onto our cash - no doubt to dream up some new ring-fencing for their priorities.

Please see UNISON letter & press release below:


Please also see COSLA's position in the herald below:


I would urge all members to contact their local MSP's to demand this money is passed to your Local Authority without delay.

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