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COVID 19 - Next Steps Letter to Gail MacGregor, Resources Spokesperson, COSLA Alison Evison, President, COSLA

UNISON has written to the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Kate Forbes MSP and COSLA Resources Spokesperson, Cllr   Gail MacGregor, calling on them to reward local government workers who have been delivering vital services for the national effort to defeat COVID-19; to review all local government jobs which have changed as a result of COVID-19; and to consolidate the Scottish Living Wage to ensure all the workforce get a wage that can properly support their families.


Covid-19 – Local Government Finance, Letter to Kate Forbes, Cabinet Secretary for Finance

UNISON are also lobbying the Scottish and UK Governments for assurance that they will secure the long term financial stability of local government services and protect the jobs of local government staff into the future. Local government has borne the brunt of austerity over the past 10 years and could ill-afford the impact of the COVID crisis.


Model Letter to MSP's - Letter for members


Bargaining Briefing - Social Care July 2020


Key points

The principle is that care workers who are ill or self isolating don't lose out.

Members should be getting what they would usually expect to earn - not simply  their contracted hours (ie what they would normally work, regular OT, sleepovers etc)

Employers should be paying staff and then claiming from the fund.    

Retired Members


There’s so much to look forward to ... The Health Professionals - in Scotland and UK - have been warning for a couple of months of a COVID19 ‘second wave’.  Well, it’s here and we have to fight it.   It’s been a difficult year - and in the short term, it’s not going to get much better.  Pensioners are often accused of looking back at the ‘good old times’, but now it’s important to look to the future ....  the pandemic aside, we’ll have more than enough to keep us occupied read more...