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A mass movement is building across Britain to say No to TTIP, the secret trade deal being cooked up by the EU and USA.


Millions are now learning about the threat TTIP poses to our jobs, our rights and our democracy. Every day the War on Want office is deluged with requests for materials and speakers to spread the word.


Now we need to take the campaign to the next level. And we need you to be part of the movement to achieve genuine change.



Sign up to say NO to TTIP!









TTIP would hand unprecedented powers to big business, including the right to bypass our national courts and sue our own government in secret tribunals. It would undermine our food safety standards, our labour rights and our laws. It could lead to the permanent privatisation of key public services like the NHS.


War on Want has joined with organisations across Europe to organise a Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP. The EU tried to ban it, but over 600,000 people have signed up in under a week.


Help us reach 1 million signatures now!


Politicians are starting to sit up and take notice. MPs from around the country are now contacting us in response to your letters, and Vince Cable has asked us to meet him personally to explain what’s going on.


The media is also waking up to the threat that TTIP poses, with almost daily coverage now coming through in the papers, online and on TV.


TTIP is set to be the blueprint for all future trade deals, undermining all our efforts to create a fairer world. The stakes could not be higher. We must stop TTIP before it is too late.

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Dr Graeme Groom, one of the surgeons travelling to Gaza to perform reconstructive surgery, explained that "the challenge is huge". Over 10,000 Palestinians were injured in the 51 day long assault that started in July and hundreds will require a series of complex reconstructive surgeries to help them put their lives back together.


Stocks of both medicines and equipment in Gaza's hospitals remain at perilously low levels with Palestinian medics forced to mix and match and reuse equipment in order to get by.












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Working for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as  refugees.


Thanks to everyone who contacted their mp!  


You helped secure an overwhelming 'Yes' to recognition

On Monday 13th October, MPs voted overwhelmingly to recognise Palestine as a state.


MAP hopes that the decision by the UK Parliament can help secure the Palestinians' right to health and dignity.


In the run up to Monday's vote, hundreds of MAP supporters joined people up and down the country who wrote to their MPs urging them to attend and vote 'Yes'.


274 MPs, on all sides, did just that. Only 12 MPs voted no giving a majority of 262.











Thank you for your support!


Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

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Latest MAP Surgical Mission Prepares to Leave for Gaza

Helping the children of Gaza to recover


The next twelve months will determine the future for Gaza’s injured children.


Many children have suffered terrible injuries and require years of difficult, complex, painful surgery if they are to have a chance at a normal life. Some need substantial limb reconstruction and many operations before they’ll be able to walk.


A donation today could help send out more medical teams to Gaza.


Join MAP’s medical recovery team and make a donation today  

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