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General Information


Dialogue with our employers


UNISON Stirling is maintaining daily dialogue with our employers as part of the emergency response to the current pandemic.


UNISON has been engaged in discussions with our employers in order to establish the most up to date information – please note that decisions, advice and consequences are changing almost on an hourly basis.




Childcare:   If you are experiencing difficulties with childcare due to the school closures – please contact your line manager in order to discuss individual arrangements. (please note that no member of staff should lose pay in these circumstances).


Working from Home: Where possible members who are able to work from home should be able to do so – If you feel that this applies to you discuss with your line manager to set up the necessary arrangements. Please ensure you look at the guidance and advice already issued.  https://unison-scotland.org/local-government-coronavirus-new-guidance-for-employers-re-working-at-home/


Essential Services: If you are asked or required to come into work the employer must ensure that an appropriate risk assessment is carried out and this should include what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is needed, precautions and social distancing measures.


Management should consider whether it is essential for workers to attend work, especially where there are groups of staff or close contact with the public etc…


Social & Res Care: https://www.unison.org.uk/care-workers-your-rights/coronavirus-advice-social-care-workers/




Members who have “Underlying Health Issues” or think they should be “self-isolating” should look at the government web pages for guidance. https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus


UNISON SCOTLAND INFO: https://unison-scotland.org/qa-on-coronavirus-work/


Please note that the branch office is closed to visitors, members seeking advice and/or assistance should call 01786 233093, mobile 07826903559

or email [email protected]